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In 1898, Otto Brehm, a sixteen-year-old immigrant from Germany, arrived in the U.S.A. seeking work and fortune. After a five-year baker apprenticeship, on January 20, 1904, he started his first bakery. Following 18 years of hard work and perseverance, the flour jobbing business offered various opportunities and the first warehouse was opened in Yonkers New York.

In 1928, Ernest Brehm, Sr. entered the business and fulfilled the ambitions of those early years through steady accomplishments. In 1956, he became the President of the firm, and subsequently, through interest in various civic affairs, was presented the Small Businessman of the Year Award.

Over the years, family members have joined to help strengthen and contribute their identities to the corporation, starting in 1947, with Otto W. Brehm. In 1957, Ernie Brehm, Jr. started working part-time while attending school and in 1986 became the company President. All have contributed to the growth and strength of Otto Brehm Inc. in their own individual manner and have helped make the company an outstanding organization based on quality, service and personalized assistance to the bakers' needs.

The sales and marketing force is comprised of extremely competent and motivated personnel who are responsible for customer satisfaction. With the proper balancing of individualism and collectivism, we seem to be on the right track of a workable employee relationship and a bright future for our company and employees. Today Otto Brehm Inc. services approximately 2500 retail, in-store, and food service bakeries in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Of the 2500 accounts, 75% are retail, 10% in-store, and the remaining 15% food service.